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“We educated people and got them really excited. Investing was about creating the conditions within which we could achieve our vision.”

Andrea Nemtin  |  President and CEO, Inspirit Foundation


Andrea Nemtin  |  President and CEO, Inspirit Foundation

“Impact investing is a way for us to channel more dollars into the community and maximize our impact. We can leverage our endowment to make a social impact while also earning financial returns.”

Marco Pagani    |   President and CEO, Ottawa Community Foundation


Marco Pagani    |   President and CEO, Ottawa Community Foundation

“It’s fine to preserve your capital, but at this point in history there is some stuff that needs to get done! I think increasingly, it is not ok for us to sit on our assets in Foundations.”

 Jennifer Johnstone  |   CEO, Central City Foundation


 Jennifer Johnstone  |   CEO, Central City Foundation

“We were welcomed into a community of people who have significant experience within impact investing.”

Danielle Gibbie  |  Executive Director, D. Keith MacDonald Foundation


Danielle Gibbie  |  Executive Director, D. Keith MacDonald Foundation

What is The Guidebook?

The guidebook supports executive directors and board members of foundations of all types and sizes to begin or deepen their work in impact investment. It provides answers to common questions, such as:

What is Impact Investing? Why is it important for foundations?

What are other foundations doing about it?

How can we begin, advance or improve Impact Investing at our foundation?

To make sure you get the support you need, the guidebook was designed to be used in part or in full. Simply choose your own starting point or module – whether it be a comprehensive introduction to the field, peer success stories or a self-guided roadmap to put Impact Investing into practice at your foundation. 

For those seeking additional guidance, the guidebook is accompanied by Impact Investing Coaching Service to provides strategic and tactical support to help foundations become educated, overcome obstacles and move ahead with impact investing.

Case Studies Case Studies
Case Studies

Hear from your peers. The Impact Investing Guidebook provides real stories from organizations of all sizes.

Frameworks Frameworks

Understand the definition of Impact Investing and the various frameworks associated with the industry.

Conversations Conversations

From debunking misconceptions to reflecting on common considerations, there are conversations catered for your concerns.

Roadmaps Roadmaps

Step-by-step instructions for how to move forward in your impact investing journey.

Coaching Services

Looking for support? Not sure where to begin?

Get the guidance you need to become educated, overcome obstacles and move ahead. From start to success, we provide guided services that help your foundation seamlessly integrate impact investing into your strategy and operations.


Education & Research

Need an expert to present to your board? Or more information on a specific issue or sector of interest? Our educational and research services help your foundation get oriented.


Whether it is headhunting for portfolio managers, assessing investment opportunities, or evaluating the risk of new impact investments, we provide on-the-ground support as you move to action.

Strategy Development

We will help you develop an actionable strategy to move forward and manage your impact investing activity.


Develop a system to track and report on the performance of your impact investments

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